“It is time that we provide clarity for our seniors, informing them of the services available that will lower the costs of their prescription drugs and strengthen the overall integrity of the Medicare entitlement.”

– Olympia Snowe, U.S. Senator from Maine.

It is projected that the average 65-year old will spend approximately $197,477 on healthcare throughout the remainder of their lifetime ($394,954 for a couple). This includes prescription drug, dental, vision, co-pays, supplemental insurance premiums and all out-of-pocket costs. The cost of healthcare has taken center stage in the political discourse in America and no one is feeling the pain of high medical expenses more than seniors…and that is why this website was created Read More….

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5 Common Medicare Mistakes

5 Common Medicare Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

There are many misconceptions about Medicare that can force individuals in to making mistakes when enrolling in the program. If you are age 64 and older and looking to enroll for the first time, you’ll appreciate having some clarity on...

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The Most Important Cost You Never Accounted for During Retirement

Most Americans find it difficult to prepare for a comfortable retirement. It is not that people do not want to budget; however, it is almost impossible for people to predict future income needs. Even experts admit uncertainty makes retirement planning...

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Medicare Costs Are on the Rise: Are You Ready?

It’s a something many retirees and those on a fixed budget never want to hear, but Medicare rates are on the rise. Medicare does not announce new rates until the month of October, but reports indicate that this year’s increase...

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